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Everything you need to know, all in one place. Stay up to date with your plan and its features, and download important forms here.

Plan Highlights Brochure

Read about your plan highlights and features.

Download the Plan Highlights Brochure

Roth Brochure

Compare traditional pre-tax contributions; Roth after-tax contributions; or a combination of both.

Download the Roth Brochure

Coronavirus-related Repayment Form

Use this form to repay all or a portion of your CRD.

Download the Coronavirus-related Repayment Form

Roth in-Plan Conversions

Read about converting pre-tax or employer contributions into Roth after-tax contributions within the plan.

Download the Roth Conversion flyer

Roth conversion form

Access this form to submit a conversion (or rollover) to Roth after-tax source.

Download the form

Distribution Options Brochure

Read about your choices for your account balance as you leave covered employment.

Download the Distribution Options Brochure

Spousal Consent Waiver Form

Required for distributions if you are married. Download the Spousal Consent Waiver Form

Transferrable Source Notice

Plan participants may have additional investment flexibility through their "Transferrable Source." Download the Transferrable Source Notice

Transferrable Source FAQ

Read more about how a balance in the transferrable source can benefit you.  
Download the Transferrable Source FAQ

In-service Distributions

A distribution taken after age 59½ while you are still working is available, and can be initiated online by logging in to your account. Or, call Prudential at 877-JIB-401k (877-542-4015)877-JIB-401k (877-542-4015) for assistance.

Electronic Distribution

We can deposit your distribution right into your bank account—just like a paycheck. You can establish your instructions online by logging in to your account. Or, call Prudential at 877-JIB-401k (877-542-4015)877-JIB-401k (877-542-4015) for assistance.

QDIA Notice & Addendum

Get information about how your assets will be invested if you do not choose your own investments. Download the QDIA Notice

Overview of Plan Fees (404a notice)

Review to learn about investment expenses and Plan administrative fees that may apply to you.

Download the Overview Notice

Hardship Distribution Form

Experienced an extreme financial hardship?

Download the form

Request for Disbursement

Ready to start taking distributions? Download the Request for Disbursement

Deferred Salary Plan of the Electrical Industry Plan Resources & Quick Actions


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